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James Bond - PG-13-Phobias

Title: Phobias
Author: Iolana Khenemet
Rating: PG13
Challenge at movie100: phobias
Feedback: desired
Disclaimer: James Bond is the creation of Ian Fleming. The characters in the story are the property of Ian Fleming and the filming companies that produce Bond Films (United Artists, MGM, Eon). No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained by this work.

"I'm here for the psychological evaluation. No distractions, Mr. Bond, just tell me if the words frighten you; the lie detector will take care of the rest. Shall we?"

Bond smiled.


Wind rushed past him during the free fall from the cliff at Archangelsk, no life line - and a dead partner left behind.



Jamaica. Something large was crawling up his leg and...


"Sexual dysfunction."

Bond's gaze followed the curves of her delicate body, imagined her without clothes…


She looked at the print-out. Then she locked the door.

James smiled. Curiosity had always killed the cat.
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